How to increase the level of testosterone production in your body naturally?




Expert consultant: Dr Gordan Popović, specialist in urology and sexology.



There are more factors which influence the level of testosterone.


The level of testosterone (TST) is increased by:


- physical activity

- sexual activity

- diet which DOES NOT include sugar, sweets, pastry and alcohol

- the reduction of fat layers and increase of muscle mass

- stress reduction

- enough sleep

- eggs, walnuts, fish oil, garlic

- zinc, vitamin E, selenium

- coenzyme Q10

- certain herbal extracts


So, physical activity has a dual impact on the increase of TST level: on the one hand it reduces fat layers which have a negative influence on TST, and on the other, intensive and short exercise, as well as weight lifting training, increase the level of TST.


Furthermore, sexual activity itself (having sex, thinking about sex, planning sexual activities, etc.) raises the level of TST. In that way one enters a positive-feedback amplifier - the more sex, the higher TST, the higher TST, the stronger sexual desire and better potency.


Next, the way we live is important too: we simply need less stress and enough sleep.


Diet is of huge importance in terms of overweight as well as the intake of sufficient amount of certain necessary substances. Besides that, intake of some herbal components can be very beneficial.


To sum up, the recipe for increasing the level of testosterone would be the following:

1. Exercise regularly

2. Have enough sexual activity

3. Avoid stress and sleep enough

4. Eat healthily

5. Take TESTOREX regularly






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