- Is TESTOREX testosterone?

NO! TESTOREX doesn't contain hormones but micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, Coenzyme Q10 and herbal ingredients which help the body to naturally increase the production of its own testosterone. Besides, TESTOREX improves the efficiency of testosterone within the human system. So, the same level of testosterone in the body can become more efficient by using TESTOREX.


- Does  TESTOREX have any side effects?

TESTOREX doesn't have side effects, it is safe to health and can be used by everyone except those people who are sure to be allergic to some of its ingredients.


- How long do I need to use TESTOREX?

TESTOREX should be used for 3 months or longer. The shortest period recommended is 30 days. Some effects of TESTOREX are visible right after the intake - in the first few days. However, for the full effect, a longer period of time is necessary. Therefore, the improvement of potency can often be felt very quickly, while the improvement of semen analysis takes at least 3 months or longer.


- I would like an immediate improvement of potency - how do I use TESTOREX?

TESTOREX can improve potency sometimes during the first few days of use. However, if you want fast or immediate improvement, a combined use of TESTOREX together with POTENCIJAL FORTE is recommended. In this way you will get a double effect - both momentary and permanent enhancement of potency.  One tablet of TESTOREX should be taken twice a day, and one tablet of POTENCIJAL FORTE at least 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.


- Can sports people who go through doping control take TESTOREX?

TESTOREX doesn't contain any illegal substances and sports people can use it without any worries. All effects of testosterone are acquired naturally - by natural increase of testosterone production in the body and by increasing its efficiency. Apart from that,  TESTOREX has external testosterone effects which are also achieved naturally and are no kind of doping.


- What age can expect the most benefit from TESTOREX?

TESTOREX can provide benefits for both younger and older men - in a different way. Younger people will benefit from it during their sports activities or at work where more strength and endurance is needed, but also in matters of potency - the increase of sexual desire and firmer erection. The effects with older men are even more complex. With the extended use of TESTOREX, and with an appropriate lifestyle, a permanently higher testosterone level in the system is obtained, which gives a long-term and deep benefit to the overall mental and physical status. For its impact on the male body, testosterone is rightfully called "the elixir of youth".


- Can people with high blood pressure take TESTOREX?

Higher testosterone level can be of great help to all the men who have some of the symptoms of the metabolic syndrome: high blood pressure, disfunction of the heart, overweight, high levels of fat and sugar in the blood, poor potency, reduced sexual drive. All these are signs that can indicate the presence of the metabolic syndrome. TESTOREX can have great benefits in these conditions and its use, along with another therapy prescribed by a doctor, is recommended.





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