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Expert consultant:  Dr Gordan Popović, specialist in urology and sexology



The main effects of testosterone are the following:


- Powerful influence on sexual desire

- Impacts the potency, frequency and firmness of erection

- Regulates cognitive and physical energy

- Keeps the trophy of the muscles tone

- Increases the strength and fitness

- Influences the mood and life enthusiasm

- Reduces fat layers in the body, especially around the waist

- Improves sugar metabolism in patients with diabetes

- Acts protectively to the blood vessels and the cardiac muscle

- Reduces the levels of fat



Testosterone is an androgen which is produced mostly in the testicles in a man's body. It has an important role in the development of the male reproductive system, especially the testicles, penis and prostate. It strongly affects the development of the muscles, bones, and also the appearance of secondary sex characteristics. It influences the Sertoli cells in the testicles and improves the differentiation of spermatogonia towards further production of spermatozoa.


Testosterone functions within the system of Hypothalamic–pituitary–testicle axis, as the negative-feedback amplifier. It is a self-regulating system, sensitive to the level of testosterone – high level of testosterone reduces the stimulating effect of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to the production of testosterone and vice versa. This is of great importance if we want to understand certain aspects of the Testosterone Replacement Therapy and great advantages of the natural increase of testosterone levels


It is more than obvious that testosterone has an enormous significance to the good quality and long life of a man. It actually represents a kind of "youth elixir" and has an overall positive effect on the male body.


The trouble is that the level of testosterone in blood is peaks in the 20s and then inevitably drops over time, thus bringing all the negative aging effects: the weakening of potency and reduction of sexual desire, decrease of muscle mass and bone density, the fall of life enthusiasm, depressive moods, the loss of life joy. The occurrence of high blood pressure, more fat in blood, heart diseases and diabetes are some of the elements of so called metabolic syndrome which is directly linked to the lowered level of testosterone.


It is obvious that testosterone is necessary in the male body. There is a question how to obtain the rise of its level?


There are only two ways:

- By external intake of testosterone

- By increasing its production inside the system


External intake of testosterone is done by giving injections, taking tablets or in other ways, and it actually represents the so called Testosterone Replacement Therapy. It has its importance, but it has side effects as well, and needs to be conducted exclusively under the supervision of an experienced expert. Dr Gordan Popovic further explains this treatment here



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